Add Storybook to your Nuxt application

Easily integrate Storybook in your Nuxt application to build, document and test your components.
npx nuxi@latest module add storybook

Zero Configuration

This module enables a quick and easy setup of Storybook in your Nuxt application.

Auto-run Storybook

Storybook will automatically run when you start your Nuxt application in development mode.

Storybook Viewer

Discover your storybook directly from the Nuxt Devtools, no need to jump between tabs.


Customize Storybook to fit your needs in your App Config.

Chromatic Integration

Supports deploying your Storybook to Chromatic to keep track of your component changes.

Open Source

Storybook is one of the fastest growing frontend communities. Join thousands fellow developers leveling up their skills together.
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